Electronic Depositions

February 21, 2017

We are pleased to offer innovative ways for attorneys and legal pros to successfully enter the increasingly popular area of electronic depositions. You can use the apps and programs that you are the most comfortable with — from simple yet powerful programs like Adobe Reader and Acrobat to TrialPad, Trial Director, OnQue, and more. Rather than converting electronic discovery to paper and then back again, you can direct the flow of evidence in a more efficient way.

Stop lugging stacks of documents to your depositions, after you or your staff has spent time and money preparing multiple copies. Instead, walk in with an iPad or laptop loaded with your exhibits, electronically marked and ready to go. We can even provide the device!

  • iPad/Mac/PC/Tablets
  • Multimedia Ready
  • On-Site Scanning Available
  • OCR-Searchable Documents
  • Annotate/Highlight/Save
  • Digital Exhibit Stickers
  • Live Exhibit Sharing
  • Perfect for HD Video Depositions

Attorneys can direct witnesses to specific portions of documents or images with ease and precision. Highlight and annotate similar to using paper documents and save screen shots or complete documents as exhibits. Having one hard copy of the exhibits can help alleviate objections if counsel or a witness wants to physically review an entire exhibit. For remote participants, a link to the electronic exhibit in the chat window allows all videoconference attendees to quickly access an entire exhibit.

When you use one of our select video service providers to record depositions in HD video, picture-in-picture, you can create compelling audiovisual presentations for mediation, settlement, and trial. Video-text synchronization provides captioned text from the certified transcript on the video recording just like a subtitled movie.

To make it even easier, our awesome video techs can pull up exhibits for you at your direction, zooming in and/or highlighting portions you specify, as well as play any audio and video clips you may have.

Judges, arbitrators, and jurors often expect more than paper documents and blowups when you present your case. Conducting depositions electronically and using a professional legal videographer with state-of-the-art equipment gives attorneys and legal pros the opportunity to prepare more influential presentations for decision-makers.

Let our experience work for you in this growing area of litigation support. We have covered more than 300 electronic depositions over the past five years, with the largest group of cases involving more than 2,400 exhibits, including almost 100 audio and video files.

Call us now for a demonstration of some exciting options for electronic depositions.