Our Company

February 21, 2017

Court Reporting
Myles and Candie Megee established Cornerstone Court Reporting Company, LLC, in late 2011 with the primary goal of providing friendly, reliable, professional court reporting services in the Kansas City region and beyond.

Cornerstone Court Reporting’s top priority is to provide exceptional service to established clients while building new relationships with talented attorneys and legal professionals.  We provide consistent, excellent service to our clients through our partnerships with certified, experienced court reporters who produce quality transcripts in a timely manner.

Electronic Depositions
We are pleased to offer clients innovative ways to conduct electronic depositions. Instead of converting electronic discovery to paper and then back again, you can direct the flow of evidence in a more efficient way. Instead of lugging stacks of documents to your depositions after you or your staff has spent time and money preparing multiple copies, wouldn’t it be nice to walk into a deposition with just your laptop or iPad loaded with your exhibits, electronically marked and ready to go?

At Cornerstone Court Reporting Company, we offer multiple ways for attorneys and legal pros to successfully enter the unfamiliar area of electronic depositions. You can use the apps and programs that you are the most comfortable with — from simple yet powerful programs like Adobe Reader and Acrobat to TrialPad, Trial Director, and more.

Legal Videography
As part of our commitment to meeting our clients’ needs, we partner with experienced, professional videographers who use cutting-edge technology and equipment to produce superior digital video and audio recordings.  As part of our start-to-finish philosophy, our videographers also provide courtroom presentation support services and equipment including monitors, DVD players, ELMO, projectors, screens, and stands.

Videoconferencing & Remote Video
Myles and Candie, who have worked within the Kansas City legal community for more than 25 years, are dedicated to advancing the use of technology for attorneys and legal professionals.

“Technology can help us do our job better and make it easier at the same time,” Myles says.  “In an effort to provide the technology our clients desire, we strive to provide the gamut of litigation support services, including videoconferencing.  Whether you participate from the convenience of your office or come to ours, videoconferencing can save time and money.  Our remote video services provide secure, high definition video connections with multiple participants. Video streams can be recorded for later review.”  Schedule your next videoconference with us and avoid the inconvenience of business travel.

Legal Transcription
While there is no substitute for a live court reporter, we understand there are occasions when your case may depend on an accurate transcript of an audio recording. Because we want to support our clients with the services they need without compromising quality, all of our legal transcription work is performed by experienced professionals and finalized by court reporters who are state certified. Transcripts are delivered in multiple file formats.

Quality Transcripts. On Time.
Thank you for considering Cornerstone Court Reporting Company.  From scheduling to transcript delivery, our goal is to meet your every need and exceed your expectations.  Schedule your next deposition with us.  We look forward to working with you!