May 28, 2019 by Myles Megee, Owner

Avoiding Travel, Stock Market Gyrations & High-Calorie Meals

  • Don’t Want to Travel for a Deposition or Meeting? Don’t!
  • What Are People Reading?
  • Recent Stock Market Gyrations in Perspective
  • High-Calorie Restaurant Meals to Avoid (or on which to splurge)
  • Largest Twitter Followings
  • Decoding Business Presentation Vocabulary
  • Most Common On-line Passwords
  • Facts about the Graduating Class of 2019
  • Internet Statistics to Have in the...

February 13, 2019 by Myles Megee, Owner

Top Tweets of 2018, Happiness Lessons, and February Facts

  • Little Known Facts about February
  • 10 Habits of High-Peforming Attorneys: The Court Reporter Perspective
  • Using the Power of Technology to Lighten Your Load in Depositions and at Trial
  • Simple Lessons on Success and Happiness
  • 8 Facts about Language from “Word-Nerd” Court Reporters
  • Ten of the Best Parenting Tweets from the Last...

November 8, 2018 by Myles Megee, Owner

Lawyers on social media, shark bites, and Stephen Wright

  • Statistics to Alter Your Perception of Legal Technology and Social Media
  • Ten Fun Facts to Throw into Your Next Blog or Presentation
  • 60 Seconds with Cornerstone Owner Myles Megee
  • Quotations More or Less Related to the Law
  • 7 Jokes that Are Safe for Business Use

October 8, 2018 by Myles Megee, Owner

Networking, Insurance Contracting, and Cost Shifting
We appreciate the opportunity to network with various court reporting firms locally and around the country, but we tend to be cautious with national firms because some of them engage in the practice of insurance contracting and cost shifting, or what is sometimes called fee shifting. ...

April 11, 2016 by NCRA
By Christine Phipps

Adobe issued an alert that Flash users need to update to the latest version as hackers took advantage of a security flaw to install ransomware on computers.

Adobe Flash is a software platform that runs video, animation, and games inside of Web pages. Flash was born when the Web began in...